Saturday, November 8, 2008

How to get documents authenticated for UAE

So, you finally decided to work in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. You will definitely need to submit documents (Transcript of Records, diploma, etc) which were authenticated by the UAE Embassy in Manila.

The process of authenticating UAE-required documents has been simplified (yes, believe me, it used to be very complicated).

Step 1: Bring documents for authentication to the issuing government agency. In the case of Transcript of Records and diploma, go to any CHED regional office.

Step 2: Receive a DFA claim stub which indicates the date of release of authenticated documents from DFA. It is very important that you keep the stub and follow the release date.

Step 3: Claim the authenticated documents from DFA. If you will send a representative to pick up the document, be sure to write an authorization letter and attach a copy of your ID which shows your signature. Fee: P100.00.

Step 4: Send DFA authenticated documents to the UAE Embassy through any branch of DHL Wide Wide World Express. There is no other way of submitting documents for authentication to the UAE Embassy except through DHL Wide Wide World Express. Take note, not all DHL are Wide Wide World Express.


P1,700.00 per DFA red ribbon

P 50.00 - DHL charge for converting your cash to Manager's cheque (don't ask, its just like that)

P P385.00 - DHL courier charge (within Metro Manila)

TOTAL: P2,135.00

Processing: 5-7 working days

Step 5: DHL delivers your documents.

There is a way to trim the process to 3 easy steps although it will take more time.

First, submit your documents to DFA. and receive your claim stub.

Second, go to any branch of DHL WWWExpress. Submit the stub, pay the DFA fee of P100.00, pay P2,135.00 fee for UAE and pay the P385.00 courier fee. DHL will claim your document from DFA and forward it to the UAE Embassy.

Third, receive the authenticated document delivered to your address. Processing: 15 days


Allot sufficient time, about 1 month, to secure your documents and submit them for authentication.

For further information:

You may call the DHL Customer Service at (632) 811-7000 or visit the DHL Website to locate a branch closest to you. Ask for the contact number of your preferred branch and confirm opening, closing and pick-up time.

For a list of documents for authentication, visit the DFA Website. You may also download an authentication form. It also contains contact information of relevant government agencies. You may also call DFA at (632) 834-4000 (trunkline) and request that you be connected to the Authentication Office.

Update from OFW Abroad:

The DFA advises that beginning 12 March 2008, all unclaimed DFA Authentication Certificates will be disposed of after three (3) months from the scheduled date of release due to lack of storage space in the Authentication releasing area. This measure is also to minimize the risk of fire hazard in the area.


ron_zooyork said...

is it ok if i bring the certified thru copy of my TOR/diploma in CHED? for me to keep my original papers with me.. and can i let one of my relatives to do the application? because im already here in dubai. and the process of sending my documents to UAE embassy, is it possible for them to resend my authenticated documents using my address here in dubai instead of sending it in my address in the philippines? hope you can help me with this... thank you

Atoy said...
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Atoy said...

i have had my tor and diploma already in red ribbon and the next step is to have it authenticated at the UAE Embassy. My questions are; 1st, since I have my docs with me, should I go to DHL and let them process it and how much will it cost me?

TipidShop said...

Thanks for great informative article.

TipidShop said...

Thanks for great informative article.

maxvon tomas said...

how can i claim my authenticated documents to uea embassy?are they sending it back to my address?

Hermie Sabejon said...

My representative in Philippines will be giving my TOR to any branch of DHL in the Philippines for the authentication in the UAE embassy. Then after the authentication from the UAE embassy, how can I get my authenticated TOR here in Abu Dhabi? Will the UAE embassy send it here to me in Abu Dhabi?

Jen said...

THANK YOU for people like you taking time out to blog their experiences and knowledge about these things. Very informative and VERY much appreciated. Keep it up!

edeluisa feliciano said...

Meron na po red ribbon wala lng stamp ng UAE Embassy.... dapt pa ba dumaan sa DFA at DHL..slamt po

lovely_carrot said...

This is very helpful, thank you so much for the information.

Updates lang:

DHL may be reached at 879-8888. Dito ako naginquire kung papano yung procedure if they will pick up my documents from DFA since I work and ayoko naman maubos oras ko kapipila sa DFA Aseana.

I was advised to do the following (as of writing, di ko pa ito nagagawa):

Go to DHL MOA branch (nearest to my office)
Submit my stub, pay P305 for the DFA Authentication fee (cost of pa-red ribbon thru DHL) and another P2250, for UAE attestation (TOR/diploma = 1 set of red ribbon = P1700) Yung P550 for misc fee, I'm guessing yung conversion ng manager's check, courier fee, etc)

If you have another set of red ribboned docs, ex. birth cert, high school papers, license, etc there is another P1700 payment.

All in all, this process will take 14 working days, meaning Monday to Friday only ang bibilanging araw. 7 working days yung sa DFA, 7 working days yung sa UAE attestation.

If you have extra money and no extra time, I suggest na you do it this way kasi walang hassle sa pila and all, maghihintay ka lang na ideliver sayo yung documents mo na naka red ribbon na, UAE attested pa.

Deang Ecarma said...

hi, magtatanong lang po. pano po kung pinared ribbon na tapos ang kulang ay uae stamp lang. Magkano po kaya ang bayad nun? Thanks

michelle barcelo said...

Need help po.. last nov 10 pa po na send ung documents ko sa dhl for uae attested ung address po na naka attach for delevery dito na po sa uae.. ang tanong ko po gaano po ba katagal bago ko pa ma claim ang red ribbon ko dito sa uae from uae embassy philippines.. need ur help reply tnx